The Biewer Terrier has been recognized and accepted into FSS by the American Kennel Club and are now showing in FSS venues by the respective kennel clubs! All our Biewer Terriers are registered under AKC/FSS They are raised as our pets and socialized along with our children. We talk to them and cook a mix of nutritionally balance home ground meats, vegetables and fruits, but also hand feed them dog appropriate treats as part of the socialization program . We give them daily walks, weather permitting and plenty of play time and toys. Our litters are whelped with the utmost care and both mother and puppies are seen and cared for by the veterinarians the entire time. Don't worry the sires are cared for with the the same amount of love and care.​​​​​​​
     We have a new name but are still the same small home base breeder's who do not crate their dogs. All our Biewer's come from a long line of champions and it shows in their beautiful coats, stance and beautiful intelligent eyes. Poti & Jon's Biewer Terriers takes pride in showing and developing the finest Biewer Terriers, we are NOT a parti yorkie breeder. ​​​​

     We are very proud that our very own bred pup Strudl Haus Brixley Boo Owned by Tammy and Jerry Ryker earned her CM or Certificate of Merit (comparable to a championship for dogs in her breed) from the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club Show Championship, IABCA International Championship and Holds the Title of the Best of Opposite at the AKC 2017 Orlando, Florida Specialty Show, Best in Show in Seward, NE. That truly is quite an accomplishment. Brixley has been named one of the top 10 of the Biewer Terriers in the United States for 2017 & 2018 and has been invited to the Premier Invitational for those top 10 dogs in June of this year. I believe she is the highest point earning female in the country since their AKC FSS acceptance. “ We are so proud of them both. We thank Tammy for her dedication to Brixley and this beautiful breed. ​​​​

​Biewer Terrier became officially excepted into AKC Miscellaneous Group


      "We take pride in showing and
developing the finest Biewer Terriers as we are moving into a new AKC accepted  miscellaneous group in June 2019.

We thank every pet owner and person dedicated to the life of our beloved fur babies.​​​​​​​​​​"

- Aurora Lewis